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(no subject)
 massage - (cfpm)
06:37pm 21/11/2009
James Waslaski is coming to CALIFORNIA for his first Five Day Intensive in the state. He will also be speaking at the Golden Gate AMTA chapter in San Francisco the day before.

His five day intensive is February 24-28, 2010 - 40 CEU's at the Healing Arts Institute in Citurs Heights, CA - see his website at www.orthomassage.net for more details - Class is $699 plus $60 class manual! Don't miss it!

February 23rd will be a 3 hour course with the AMTA Golden Gate Chapter - Please see his website under seminar schedules for details!

Call Allison for more details - 800-643-5543
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California massage therapists
 massage - (_pele_)
05:53pm 15/11/2009
Queen of Bites posting in massage
I'm a massage therapist in the state of Washington, considering a move down to CA in a year or two. I understand the laws are much different there and I was wondering if someone that does massage therapy could answer some of my questions. In WA, we are licensed through the state, our treatments are covered by most medical insurance plans, and I am able to fully run my own business as a massage and craniosacral therapist.

How will this change in CA? Can I run my own business? Do I have to get fingerprinted? Does everyone get certified through the state? Is massage therapy ever covered by insurance?

I am a bit concerned about the changes that might happen if I move there and I'd love to hear how you all do it in that state. Any other info that you think is relevant and good for me to know is welcome! Thank you!
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Massage on Wed. 10/28!
 massage - (superultraokay)
12:56am 25/10/2009
Bittersweetness posting in massage
For new paying clients!

When you bring a friend, you both will receive an additional FREE 30 mins to your massage time of choice!

$40/30 mins of massage

$80/60 mins of massage

$120/ 90 mins of massage

$160/ 2 hours of massage

Call or text to make an appointment now!
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Short Notice - Help Needed!
 massage - (ladyskada)
02:21pm 19/10/2009
Winter posting in massage
I had 2 students who were supposed to help me with a Health Fair in Nashua, NH tomorrow (Tuesday, Oct 20) and Wednesday (Oct 21).
They just emailed me this morning to let me know that they were in a car accident (no major injuries) and wouldn't be able to make it!
Does anyone know of a new graduate with a massage chair who'd like to join me tomorrow?

mood: stressedstressed
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25%-50% off select Massage Prices!
 massage - (superultraokay)
01:39pm 26/09/2009
Bittersweetness posting in massage
Bambu Organic Salon
(Located at:
3919 Stone Way N.
Seattle, WA. 98103)

Corner of Stone & Bridge
Pricing and Package deals inside!Collapse )
Call or Text to book an appointment!

Jack, LMP
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getting feedback
 massage - (whittles)
02:03pm 07/09/2009
whit posting in massage
I've been thinking for a long time that I wish there was a good way to get anonymous feedback from my clients. When I ask them how they like the work I always get positive responses, but I'm sure theirs some valuable critique out there that I could stand to hear. Working by myself means I'm far away from getting outside assessment and feedback. I'm sure I'm not the only one in this position.

What I've been imagining lately is some kind of online anonymous survey. I could email it to all of my clients asking them to give me feedback about what is and isn't working for them in regards to my practice. I know I could write something up and use surveymonkey.com, but i'd love to not reinvent the wheel. Is there already a model like this out there?

Have any other private practitioners given their clients space to give anonymous feedback? What method have you used?
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Marketing question
 massage - (zianuray)
02:15pm 18/08/2009
Zia Nuray posting in massage
For those of you with your own business -- whether an IC contracted to a spa/salon or renting a room or whatever -- 

Do/did you belong to your local Chamber of Commerce?

Why or why not?

Do you feel you get good value for your dues?
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(SF) Meeting About New California State Law
 massage - (disbelief11)
11:40am 11/08/2009
disbelief posting in massage
The Golden Gate Chapter of AMTA is having a meeting to go over the new state law and what it means for massage therapists. Everyone is welcome, not just AMTA members. Here's the info:

"How Does the New State Law Affect Massage Therapists?"
Presented by Melissa Whitehead, AMTA-CA Government Relations Committee
When: Saturday, August 29, 2009
Time: 3pm to 5pm
Where: Park Branch of the SF Public Library, 1833 Page St. @ Cole
Cost: Free!

How does the new state law affect massage therapists? How will it affect you? A state law affecting massage therapists was passed in September 2008. Melissa Whitehead of the AMTA-CA Government Relations Committee will be here to explain what the law does and answer such questions as:

What is the California Massage Therapy Council?
Do I have to get the new state-recognized certification?
Will my local permit requirements change?
Will educational requirements change?

RSVP to Leslie @ SFMassageSupply.com or call 415-255-4693
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California Certification
 massage - (sorayaphoenix)
09:20am 08/08/2009
StarShadow posting in massage
Is anyone planning to apply for the new Massage certification in California?  I am planning to send in my application soon. 

However, I have concerns about the acceptance of the cert in charter cities.  Anyone have info about that?
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prone bolstering without a face cradle
 massage - (fly_nimue_fly)
07:45pm 07/07/2009
why should we look either forward or backward? posting in massage
Hey all,

I was wondering what kind of input you might have for positioning a client prone on a table when there is no access to a face cradle.


x-posted in massagetherapy
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