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 massage - (edanya)
10:40pm 04/09/2010
EDANYA posting in massage
your 3 least favorite things to experience during a massage?
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04:43pm 06/09/2010 (UTC)
skizzy the wonder lizard: run awaaaay! - toejam and earl
i was just thinin about draggin my chair over and setting up outside

you absolutely cannot do this. you'll need a vendor's license, for one. google "street vendor license" for your state. if you're too close to the property, you might even get arrested for trespassing. learn the laws of your state before practicing any kind of business!
picword: run awaaaay! - toejam and earl
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(no subject)
04:45pm 06/09/2010 (UTC)
a vendors license or a business license? ill have to look into it, cause i already have a business license. figured id just have to get permission, but yeah if it wasnt a holiday weekend id be on the phone with my attorney.
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