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 massage - (edanya)
10:40pm 04/09/2010
EDANYA posting in massage
your 3 least favorite things to experience during a massage?
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03:45pm 05/09/2010 (UTC)
Axey Moskevyu: FailWhale
Receiving -

1) People who know I'm an MT and spend 3/4 of the session talking shop.

2) "You know this is good for you." That doesn't make it hurt any less and if you make me too sore, I can't do my job.

3) Hour-long sales pitches for lotions/cellulite/beauty/supplement products being sold in the lobby.

Giving -

1) Completely non-reactive client. Won't tell you if you're using too much pressure. Won't tell you if they're having any trouble spots or want extra time on anything. Dead on the table.

2) Working to loosen an area for 20 mins then watching the client clench it right back up when you're on to the next segment.

3) People who refuse to turn their cell phones off.
picword: FailWhale
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03:31pm 06/09/2010 (UTC)
most places try to make you sell product, dont they? i am sooooo not interested in being pushed to sell something id dont believe in.
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07:22pm 06/09/2010 (UTC)
Axey Moskevyu: ForeverSun
We're encouraged to sell where I presently work, but they don't beat us over the head with it. I'm fine with mentioning a product is available if someone says he or she likes it. I'm not going to go on and on and on about it, though. That's just noise.
picword: ForeverSun
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07:23pm 06/09/2010 (UTC)
yeah, i wouldnt mind that, but id hate to have to meet a quota or something.
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