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 massage - (yoot_faari)
05:31pm 14/06/2010
yoot_faari posting in massage
how is Rolfing different from Myofascial Release?

where can i learn Rolfing in NYC?
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09:54pm 14/06/2010 (UTC)
Vince The Carpenter
John Barnes (major proponent of Myofascial Release) was a disciple of Ida Rolf's, so I am certain that many of the principles are the same. If you want to learn Structural Integration, of which Rolfing is one type, then look it up that way. If you want to learn Rolfing, then you have to go to the Rolf Institute in Boulder, Colorado.
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09:56pm 14/06/2010 (UTC)
Ahah! thank you for making that distinction.
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I've had both demonstrated on me
01:48am 15/06/2010 (UTC)
While both are designed to be re structural, Rolfing is a very deeply penetrating technique that can be intense.

Myofacial release work focuses on using slow holding patterns to pull open facia where adhesion has developed. It tends to be a lot of hold and wait for the release movements.

They are both designed to help restore a natural state and can be used to support each other but are dramatically different to experience. Both have specific situations where they are best applied to.

As for classes in it, check online with the Rolfing institute in Arizona regarding workshops in your area. However, I'd really recommend finding a local practitioner to have a session from first to be sure it's something you'd like to pursue.

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