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CPMC Hospital Massage Internship now recruiting for Fall 2010!
 massage - (whittles)
01:06pm 13/01/2010
whit posting in massage
The internship program that I did at California Pacific Medical Center two years ago is now seeking applicants for it's Fall 2010 enrollment! I really valued the education I got through that program and am grateful that it brought me to working in the hospital for the last two years. Here' the information on the internship in their own words. If you have any questions or are interested in more info, let me know.

The Integrative Medicine Education program is a
500 hour interdisciplinary clinical educational pro-
gram for massage therapists, counseling psycholo-
gy and expressive arts therapists, harpists, nurses,
and spiritual care providers interested in integrative
medical care. The program includes:
• Discipline specific didactics
• Experiential curriculum
• Multidisciplinary integrative medicine seminars
• Indiviudal and collaborative clinical work
• Self directed learning through research
• Retreat workshops
Clinical work focuses on an acute and semi acute
ill medical population seen in the hospital and
linked ambulatory care settings. Clinical care is su-
pervised directly at the clinical site and in a weekly
supervision group.
The Institute for Health & Healing is one of the first
providers of hospital-based integrative medicine
services in the United States. Today, the Institute’s
programs serve more than 60,000 patients a year
at six hospitals in the Bay Area. Internship sites are
located at California Pacific Medical Center in San
Francisco or Marin General Hospital and Novato
Community Hospital in Marin County.

Massage applicants are graduates of a state-approved
school of massage therapy and hold a certifica-
tion in massage therapy (CMT). A minimum of six
months experience as a massage practitioner is
preferred. Registered nurses or physical
therapists will also be considered.
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(no subject)
10:22am 14/01/2010 (UTC)
one eyed one horned flying purple choir singer
Is there a link to more info? Whom should one contact with interest in this opportunity? Is it a paid internship, and if so, how much does it pay?
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(no subject)
06:01pm 14/01/2010 (UTC)
Email Carolyn Tague for more info - TagueC@sutterhealth.org
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